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Honda CR-V Gas Mileage
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Many people are drawn to SUVs like the Honda CR-V because they want to make their journeys more comfortable by giving their families more space while on the road – but with that extra room, you may worry about Honda CR-V gas mileage. As a general rule, large vehicles’ weight tends to make them less fuel-efficient. However, Honda automakers strive to upend that stereotype. Starting in 2020, they began producing a hybrid model of this SUV. Learn more here.

What to Know About Honda CR-V Gas Mileage

What to Know About Honda CR-V Gas Mileage

Late-model Honda CR-V SUVs have featured a 190-horsepower turbocharged engine that makes 179 pound-feet of torque with a continuously variable transmission. Several FWD variants get an EPA-estimated 28/34/30 (City/Highway/Combined),1 while AWD versions can achieve up to 27/32/29 (City/Highway/Combined).1

In 2020, Honda automakers introduced the Honda CR-V Hybrid option, which gets even better Honda CR-V gas mileage. Back then, this vehicle was equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, an electric drive motor, and a lithium-ion battery. Regenerative braking helped recapture energy that would otherwise be lost to supplement the SUV’s fuel economy. With standard AWD, this electrified vehicle can achieve up to an EPA-estimated 40/35/38 MPG (City/Highway/Combined).1

Our dealership selection of pre-owned Honda vehicles is always fluctuating. However, if you can find a used hybrid Honda CR-V, it’s worth contacting us immediately for a test drive, given this impressive Honda CR-V gas mileage.

Older Honda CR-V Gas Mileage

That being said, while late-model SUVs often show up on our lot, many of the trade-ins we receive are for vehicles that are a bit older. Luckily, a lot of the qualities that our customers love about a Honda CR-V, such as its flexible cargo space and comfortable ride, have been part of its design from the beginning. For example, your 2005 Honda CR-V MPG rating will be a bit less impressive – 20/26/23 (City/Highway/Combined)3 with 2WD – but these vehicles tend to be very competitively priced.

A Look at the Honda CR-V Gas Tank Size

As much as we like to save money at the pump, we like saving time too. Not only can topping up add significant time to our morning or evening commutes, but it can be frustrating to be dependent upon gasoline right when prices have spiked. While this SUV still requires gas to run, its Honda CR-V gas tank size can hopefully help you push off this errand until it’s more convenient for you.

Measuring 14 gallons, you can go over 400 miles in a 2020 FWD or AWD non-hybrid version of this SUV.1 If you find a hybrid one, you can keep going 100 miles or more after that.1

How to Get the Most Out of Your Honda CR-V MPG

To get the best Honda CR-V gas mileage, you should take your SUV to a service department for maintenance at least every six months. Oil changes and tire rotations may seem like hassles, but they help your vehicle run better on less gas and extend the life span of essential components, which saves you money in multiple ways.

Learn More About Honda CR-V MPG at Our Dealership

Visit our used car dealer in Lexington to see what options we have when it comes to a used Honda CR-V for sale. That way, you can ask us for details about that specific model, such as what 2006 Honda CR-V MPG you can expect. We’ll also be happy to draw comparisons between this SUV and our other used cars for sale in Lexington.


How far can a Honda CR-V go on a full tank?

This answer depends on your specific Honda CR-V MPG. Different model years and drivetrain options have different fuel efficiencies, which can affect how far you go. A 2020 version can often travel 400-500 miles on its 14-gallon tank, while a 2005 version will have a more limited range in spite of its larger 15.3-gallon tank. Therefore, ask us questions about the specific model you’re considering.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda CR-V get?

This depends on the model year you’re looking at and whether it’s 2WD or 4WD. Here’s a sample of the possible spread:

  • 2005 Honda CR-V MPG with 2WD: 23 (Combined City/Highway)2
  • 2005 Honda CR-V MPG with AWD: 22 (Combined City/Highway)2
  • 2020 Honda CR-V MPG with 2WD: 30 (Combined City/Highway)1
  • 2020 Honda CR-V MPG with AWD: 32 (Combined City/Highway)1

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128 city/34 highway/30 combined mpg rating for Honda CR-V FWD 1.5 L, 4 cyl, Automatic trims. 27 city/32 highway/29 combined mpg rating for Honda CR-V AWD 1.5 L, 4 cyl, Automatic trims. Based on 2020 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

220 city/26 highway/23 combined mpg rating for Honda CR-V 2WD trims. Based on 2005 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

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