Complete Auto Detailing In Lexington, KY

Or maybe you just need a regular ‘ole car wash service that will offer a beautiful interior detail service because there’s a big date or special occasion on the horizon. Whatever the reason, the Quantrell Auto Group has a full menu of auto detail services to match your needs. And let’s face it, cars run better when they’re clean, don’t they? Take a look through our virtual brochure to see some of the services we offer. Here’s a bit more about them and the process:

  • Engine detailing: Our fuel injected or carbureted engine details are intake and sensor safe. We have been making sure that all of our retail vehicles get this service so that they not only look good, but they’re easy to work on when clean, too. And maybe you’ve just done a big repair at home or are about to. Nothing makes working on an engine easier than a clean engine.
  • Interior detailing: Depending on what it is you need, you’ll find everything from heavy to light stain treatments available for your seats, your floor, and mats, or even on your sensitive headliner material. Maybe you just purchased a pre-owned vehicle from someone and are tired of finding french fries of yesteryear in places you didn’t know existed. Let us know. We can handle that, too.
  • Exterior detailing: From a carwash to complicated polish and compound services, we can get your car looking beautiful on the outside again. We offer headlight and windshield polishing services too. You might not even be aware of how your visibility is diminished with what you’ve got right now. Add safety, clarity, and sparkling good looks to your vehicle.
  • Ceramic coating: This is a fantastic service that costs a little bit, sure. But when you think about what it can do, it’s well worth the investment. Protect your fine finish from the elements, surface scratching and more. Restore a tired finish with the right amount of prep and ceramic application to get some gloss back in your life. When you think of the retail cost of a full paint job, this proactive service is a no brainer!
  • Car Compounding
  • Car Air Purifier

Come on by our locations and show us what you’re looking to do with your vehicle. The Quantrell Auto Group is a family business and we know the value of working hard, and being proud of what you have. That’s why we are offering our exclusive dealer-caliber services to the Lexington and surrounding areas. Check out all our vehicle services and let us know what we can do to help your vehicle be at its best, inside and out.


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