Rim And Wheel Repair In Lexington, KY

RIm and Wheel Repair

Quantrell Auto Group is pleased to offer drivers in Lexington one of the most comprehensive rim and wheel repair services around! Please scroll below to learn more about our rim and wheel repair process, potential costs involved, and other services that we offer that keep your vehicle looking and driving at its best. As a family-run new car dealership in Kentucky, we’re committed to every relationship that we’re so fortunate to make. We’re sure you’ll feel the same once you work with us. That’s just one of the reasons why we say “Quantrell for Life.”

Rims, Wheels, & Tires. Oh My!

We always have guests call in and speak about “tire repair” when they really need rim and wheel repair. Sometimes we’ll have clients come in and ask for a new “wheel” when they really mean tire. So what’s the difference? Let’s take a minute to up your rim and wheel repair vocab:

  • Rim (or wheel) – This is the metal portion of a wheel/tire assembly. The rim (or wheel) is what carries the tire, and it is bolted to the hub with several lug nuts. Wheels (or rims) can be made out of aluminum, steel, composites, and carbon fiber in some cases. In other words, the wheel (or rim) is the sparkly/shiny part of your vehicle that the rubber tire attaches to.
  • Tire – This is the rubber portion of the wheel/tire assembly. The tire is your vehicle’s contact point with the ground, and they come in a variety of sizes and tread patterns. Tires are typically filled with air, sometimes nitrogen, while some tires are known as run-flat tires (with virtually no air and a solid foam or composite core).

Both of these components are similar in function, and they work together. But they are two separate parts. So now that we’ve zeroed in on what’s what, let’s take a look at some answers to common questions that our customers have while down at our shop:

How much does it cost to repair wheels?

When you think about the most common cause for wheel repair (curb rash), the costs are relatively low. If the tire doesn’t have to be dismounted or replaced, the wheel itself can usually be refinished anywhere from about $50-$150. This covers standard wheel materials like steel, aluminum, and other finished alloys.

Can you repair damaged rims?

In most cases, yes. This includes damage like minor bending from pot-hole impacts or jumped curbs. In the case of more serious damage, like from an accident or off-road impact where a section or piece is missing, the wheel usually needs to be replaced.

What is wheel repair?

Rim and wheel repair is the process of inspecting, resurfacing, bending, refinishing, and polishing damage to a vehicle’s wheels. Our specialists have all the state of the art tools at their disposal to bring your damaged rim back to pre-damage condition.

How much does a new rim cost?

In general, the cost of a new wheel can range anywhere from $100-$500. That price tag pertains to typical sizes and materials. However, there are specialty wheels, materials, and finishes that can drive the cost of a replacement rim easily beyond $10K. Those wheels are typically found on bespoke models in the supercar segment. Used wheels from a 3rd party or even the junkyard might save you a few bucks, but make sure those wheels aren’t damaged either!

How long does a rim repair take?

If you have come in for typical curb rash, you can be in and out in as little as an hour. And that includes repair, refinishing, repainting, and polish. If your wheel needs to be rebalanced or retooled, the time can extend another hour or so. If you need to have a tire replaced, add another hour for dismount, remount, balance, and sometimes an alignment.

Quantrell Auto Group Is at Your Service

It’s all about caring for the community. Did you know that we’re engaged in activities that improve our schools, help out first responders, comfort the sick, and aid families in need throughout the year? We all do better when we do better together. Selling or leasing a car allows us to continue on our mission to make life better in Kentucky. Our wide range of services also goes towards this goal. Whether you’ve come to us for rim and wheel repair, or if you’ve done a search for a “body shop near me” and we’ve come up in the results, give us a shot. Even if you live near Louisville, take the trip in and see the difference that a family-owned and operated business can make. You’ll love coming to see us, and we’ll know who you are when you get here. That’s another part of what we mean when we say “Quantrell for Life.”


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