Autumn & Winter Car Prep: Plan For The Seasons Change

Autumn & Winter Car Prep 
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Cooler weather can sneak up on us, meaning it’s time to prioritize autumn and winter car prep. The steps you take before the first snowfall can help keep your family safer on the roads in Lexington, KY, and extend the overall lifespan of your car and its components. To learn more about these precautionary measures, read on.

A Brief Guide To Autumn Car Prep

Briefly turn on the heating system and lights to ensure they are in working order. You might not have had much reason to use the headlights during the long days of summer, but they are crucial for helping you see and helping others see you at night and in the winter.

Look under the hood as well. Some parts of your vehicle may be prone to overheating in the summer. This can lead to splits or cracks in your belts and hoses, among other issues. Alternatively, bring your car in for servicing, where our team can perform an inspection.

While your car is examined, look at our parts and accessories. They can make all the difference in your autumn car prep. You will need all-weather floor mats, a de-icer, and a windshield scraper on hand before that surprise October snowstorm.

A Brief Guide to Autumn Prep

Car Maintenance for Winter

Car Maintenance for Winter

Once autumn arrives and the weather becomes noticeably cooler, visit our service department for your six-month oil change. Changing your engine oil at the recommended intervals is necessary to prevent engine overheating and reduce friction that prematurely wears components. However, this substance is typically temperature sensitive. Because of this, our team is likely to swap out your thick, summer engine oil for a thinner variety that moves through the system better in cold weather conditions.

What other crucial car maintenance for winter is there? Making sure your tires are properly aligned and in solid condition. Tires with low tread depth can not grip the road correctly, a problem that becomes even more exaggerated when there is snow, increasing your risk of accidents. Therefore, measure their tread depth often as part of winter car prep.

What Best Practices Should You Learn for Winter Car Prep?

In addition to potentially getting new tires, you should familiarize yourself with tire pressure best practices as part of your winter car prep. Tire pressure can decrease rapidly throughout the day if temperatures plunge, meaning you will likely need to check on your tires more often so that you can adjust the PSI as needed.

Tires with low pressure will wear out more quickly and are more likely to experience tread separation. However, if you overinflate the tires thinking the levels will even out over the day, this can reduce your traction dangerously and increase the risk of a blowout.

Knowing the best ways to get ice and snow off your vehicle is also useful for winter car prep. Some people might be in the habit of pouring warm water over their windshield. However, abrupt temperature changes can cause materials that were contracted to expand. In short, this could lead to the glass cracking. However, a combination of rubbing alcohol and dish soap, placed into a spray bottle, can be both more practical and safe.

Last but not least, take care of your car battery, which is more likely to experience problems in the winter. The best way to do so? Exercise your car. Your vehicle is always using up a low amount of battery power. Taking it for a drive helps recharge the battery by giving it power from the alternator. Longer drives are better for this. Take your car out on a drive of at least 15 minutes weekly.

Winter Car Prep

Rely on Us for Fall Car Maintenance & Winter Car Prep

Whether you need assistance with autumn car prep or car winterization, turn to our car maintenance shop. We prioritize your safety while respecting your time and will efficiently get your vehicle ready for the upcoming inclement weather.

If you’re interested in a vehicle more adept at handling snow — perhaps one with helpful features like a heated steering wheel — we can help there, too. In addition to being an auto service center in Lexington, KY, we also sell new and used vehicles to suit any family’s needs. Visit today.

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