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When maintaining your car, you want the best option out there, and that's genuine OEM parts. Even then, deciding on the right part can be tough. That's why at Quantrell Auto Group, we have a team of professional parts experts at our auto parts store who will be happy to help order the exact part you need. We've been committed to offering professional parts services for years. Whether it's essential Cadillac parts that you need or accessories for your Subaru vehicle, we're here to help with both expert service and competitive deals.

Which OEM Parts Will Need To Be Replaced?

Whether they're Cadillac, Subaru, or Volvo parts, most makes and models out there have a similar list of parts that will need replacement. But, it's impossible to say for sure which genuine OEM parts your car will need without an inspection. Fortunately, we have great deals offered with our service coupons on many of the services to replace them, such as:

  • Filters: Helping keep things clean, a filter will get clogged with dirt and debris over time. Whether it's for filtering your engine oil or cabin air, replacing filters helps maintain a clean and comfortable driving experience
  • Brake Pads: A friction-generating surface that slows your car down, a brake pad thins out and loses performance over time. If you hear noises like grinding or squealing coming from your car while braking, it's time to replace your brake pads using genuine OEM parts
  • Spark Plugs: Gunk can build up and cause spark plugs to fail, leading to a misfire or more severe issues. Replace your spark plugs at manufacturer-recommended intervals to keep your engine running smoothly
  • Battery: Acting as a power source for electronics, a battery typically will last years without issue. After five to six years, performance can drop, and your vehicle's battery will need to be replaced
  • Starter and Alternator: It is easier to spot when this part is on its last legs; if your vehicle makes a grinding sound, emits smoke, or freewheels when starting, your starter is in need of urgent replacement. Likewise, issues including a car that's taking longer than usual to start up, fading headlights, and other electrical problems will point to a failing alternator, which can leave you stranded by the road. Contact our auto service center right away if either of these parts is failing

Alongside these parts, we also offer service and replacement for many more items like wiper blades and headlight bulbs. Please browse through our online catalog for the complete list of parts that we offer.

Our Service Center Is Your One-Stop Genuine OEM Parts and Maintenance Shop

No matter the issue you're facing, we're here to help. From thoroughly inspecting your vehicle to finding you the right Subaru parts, and performing the service required, our teams near Louisville are happy to take your request. So shop through our selection of parts and contact us through the form below, or by giving our service center a call, and experience the deals and differences our service center offers you today.



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