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Finding the correct genuine part for your vehicle can be tough when you're a novice to car anatomy. Let a professional parts expert from Quantrell Auto Group help you order OEM parts. We've been helping drivers all over Kentucky for years. Our parts team services multiple OEMs, including Subaru and more. We also offer a range of competitive parts specials, which generally includes accessories as well, so you could get a great deal by doing business with us!

Which Car Parts Need Replacing?

No matter the make of your vehicle, there will always be some components that need more attention than others. We hope as we inch our way into the digital age that this will be less commonplace, but for vintage car lovers, the following parts will generally need replacements:

  • Brake pads: After excessive use, they become thin and lose their performance. If you notice thinning brake pads, make a service appointment with any one of our dealers.

  • Battery: The car battery can last around 5-6 years, but like all things, it will eventually need to be replaced. Take note that living in a cold climate makes extends your car battery life.

  • Spark plugs: Though they are small, your spark plugs play a significant role for your engine. The spark plugs ignite the fuel which leads to combustion within your engine.

  • Starter and alternator: You'll know when this component is on its last leg, as your vehicle will begin dying. To keep your safety intact, please contact our parts center when you start noticing issues with your starter. If there's a grinding sound when you start the vehicle, as well as freewheeling and possibly smoke, your starter needs to be replaced.

  • Filters: Whether it's your cabin air filter or the oil filter, take note of their importance. These filters keep the gunk out of your engine oil and air conditioning system, ensuring your vehicle maintains a comfortable ride.

In addition to the list above, we also offer windshield wiper blade replacements and other standard services, like blinkers and headlight restoration services. If you need a new part, all you have to do is place an order and book an installation!

How Long do Car Parts Last?

Longevity depends largely on the automotive design, as well as the driving style of the owner. With the proper maintenance, most vehicles can last up to 11 years. The key to longevity is servicing. If you take care of your vehicle and consistently replace parts when needed, you can expect it to last well over 200,000 miles.

Where to Order OEM Parts

You will find plenty of auto parts for sale online through our catalog. Don't forget to browse the Saab Original Limited Warranty option on our website; it will save you loads of time and money in the long run.

If you're not sure what you need, you can also place an order in person or over the phone by talking to a professional. The experts at Quantrell Auto Group want to help you, so feel free to contact our experts!

Schedule an Installation With Our Service Center Today

Talk to our premium service center when you need an installation. We will happily handle the request for you at one of our locations in Lexington, KY--whether it's for Cadillac parts or Volvo accessories!

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