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Across all the brands we offer, there's no better way to paint a complete picture of a vehicle than new car reviews by unbiased sources. Of course, you could come into our dealerships to get a comprehensive tour by automotive experts. But as of late, that's easier in theory than reality. Current situations aside, why not get the full rundown on a new car while relaxing at home?

Better still, the quality and expertise of online car reviews have only been going up. Thanks to passionate automotive enthusiasts, anything you want to know about a car is at your fingertips. Among these passionate enthusiasts, Car Confections is a favorite YouTube channel at the Quantrell Auto Group. They truly explore everything in their new car reviews, letting you picture yourself behind the wheel with ease.

So as you browse our inventory of new cars for sale, have this page open. When a vehicle grabs your attention, check back here and get a thorough tour of all the details, driving experience, and more. After that, take a test drive in Lexington, knowing exactly what to look for and try out.

Volvo XC90 Review

Standing proud as the flagship Volvo SUV, the XC90 offers a dizzying amount of elegance, luxury, advanced features, and more. You'll see it all and more, from competitive driver-assists to niceties like an Orrefors Crystal shifter.

Volvo XC60 Review

Positioned between the compact XC40 and flagship XC90, the XC60 blends the size, premium luxury, sleek styling, and advanced technology of the two into one balanced package. Find out why the XC60 is a well-rounded winner in this review.

Cadillac Escalade Review

The flagship Cadillac SUV and a true icon of American luxury vehicles, the Escalade is almost overwhelming when it comes to everything you get. Whether it's premium materials throughout, the all-American V-8 engine, the advanced tech like an Augmented Reality display, or more, witness it all in this review.

Subaru Outback Review

One of the gold standard adventure-ready SUVs, see why the Outback is better than ever. Discover the full range of features and expert impressions on them in this review. Then, find one in our inventory of new cars for sale and hit the trails with confidence.

Subaru Ascent Review

As a Subaru new-car dealer near Louisville, we were beyond excited for the Ascent. Finally, all the iconic Subaru capabilities now came in a three-row SUV package. There's more to the Ascent, so from the standard turbo engine to the 19 cupholders, let Car Confections walk you through all there is to love.

More New Car Reviews

The internet is a massive place, and so is our inventory of cars. As we find more high-quality, expertly presented new car reviews covering the vehicles we offer, we'll add them to this page for your viewing pleasure — stay tuned!

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