Exterior Detailing Near Louisville, KY

Exterior Detailing

If you are looking for interior and exterior car detailing to bring back the showroom shine that made you fall in love with your car in the first place, bring your vehicle to our auto detail center near Louisville for full auto detailing.

What Is Detailing a Car?

If you’ve never had your car detailed, you are in for a treat. Auto detailing is more than a wash and wax. Auto detailing is the process of restoring the finish in your car’s paint and bringing out the luster of the interior. Detailing your car removes years of wear and tear and makes your car feel new again.

When you bring your car to our detail center for car buffing in Lexington, our team of detail enthusiasts will work hard to remove any swirl marks and water spots from the paint, steam the interior, and clean the wheels. If you’re looking for paint detailing to give your car “the wet look” and bring out that mirror finish, schedule our car-compounding service.

We use multi-stage compounding pads to buff the paint on your vehicle to remove any orange peel or imperfections in the paint. Once we’re finished, we’ll apply a ceramic coating to protect the paint and help wick away moisture.

Interior Auto Detailing

The interiors of our cars are where we spend our time when enjoying our vehicles and, consequently, interiors take a lot of abuse. From trips to the beach to trips to the mountains, our cars get a lot of use, and the interiors pick up plenty of sand, water, mud, and more along the way.

That’s why our detail center specializes in interior and exterior car detailing.

When you bring your car to our detail center, we’ll vacuum, steam clean, and detail the interior to remove stains, pet hair, spills, and damage from the elements. We’ll even take a little brush to dust the air vents. For top-tier detailing in Lexington, be sure to schedule our interior detailing service.

If you’re looking for an auto polish center in your area, it’s because you care about the appearance of your vehicle and probably wash your car often. The unfortunate irony is, most of the damage that detailing undoes is damage we cause ourselves. We’re constantly washing, waxing, and wiping down our cars which, when not performed correctly, can leave scratches and swirl marks in the paint.

If this sounds familiar and has you asking, “Does detailing remove scratches?” you’ll be glad to know that, yes, exterior car detailing can remove scratches in your car’s paint. The compound buffing tool cuts through the top layer of paint to brighten and restore the color while removing imperfections like scratches, swirl marks, water spots, and bird droppings.

Auto Detailing Stages

The first step in detailing any car is to assess what needs to be done. A classic barn find will have different needs than a new-car lease with orange peel in the paint or water spots from a rogue lawn sprinkler. When you bring your car in for exterior car detailing, our experts will assess the damage, create a plan of attack, and discuss your goals and budget.

Then we’ll begin to clean the car inside and out. Call our detail center to learn more about our menu of auto detailing services today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you detail the outside of a car?

Yes! Exterior auto detailing will make a car’s paint shine like new, remove swirl marks, tiny scratches, clean brake dust from the wheels, and protect the paint with sealants and ceramic coatings. Exterior car detailing is done entirely by hand and is more than a wash and wax. Exterior detailing returns vehicles to showroom condition by bringing the car down to the bare paint then adding layers of protection.

Is exterior car detailing worth it?

Yes! Auto detailing your vehicle is definitely worth doing because it makes your car look like new and adds protection to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Let’s face it; a clean car is more fun to drive and feels better than a dirty car. A newly detailed vehicle takes that feeling to a new level.

What is included in exterior car detailing?

Exterior car detailing includes a powerwash of the vehicle to remove the first layer of dirt, as well as any residual car wax or sealants to expose the pure paint. Then we’ll gauge the thickness of the paint to determine how much we can cut with our compounding wheel to create a glossy finish with a mirror-like shine.


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