Engine Detailing Near Louisville, KY

Engine Detailing

Engine detailing on your mind? Maybe you’ve got a show car that’s almost ready to strut its stuff. Maybe you’re looking to sell a vehicle and want to highlight some new parts. Maybe you do your own maintenance and want to spend time under the pan without grease and debris falling in your eyes! Whatever your reason, Quantrell Auto Group has a fast, safe, and affordable engine detailing service that will help you get things sparkling in about an hour or so. If you’ve been on your phone looking for “auto detailing near me” for longer than you’d like to admit, we’re happy to say you’ve come to the right spot. Read on to learn a bit more about our process, scheduling & more.

Quantrell Auto Group. Engine Bay Cleaning At Its Best

If you live in Lexington, KY, then you know that Quantrell Auto Group has been bringing exceptional vehicles to the area for generations. What you probably didn’t know is that we’ve also got a world-class detailing facility to help keep your vehicle looking sharp all year round. Sure, we all know the value of a beautifully detailed car, but what about under the hood? And all those places you can’t see? You might be a candidate for our engine detailing service if:

  • You are entering in car shows
  • You hear squeaks under the hood
  • If you’ve had some “guests” sleeping under the hood all winter
  • If you are selling a vehicle
  • If you want to keep rust away
  • If you are trying to identify a leak
  • If you perform maintenance work yourself

Regardless of the reasons why you need the service, our engine degreasing service is fast, safe, and effective. We don’t use any type of harmful engine degreaser or the typical toxic car wash engine cleaner that can damage electronics and sensors. In fact, we’re a certified green facility, which means that all of our practices and techniques uphold what’s best for the environment, our staff, and our customers’ vehicles.

Our customers get excited when they discover a new service from us. We’re the name they know for a variety of reasons, and as the trusted source for all things automotive near Louisville, they’re happy to let us do their dirty work (hey, cleaning an engine can be gross sometimes). Give our detailing facility a call to schedule an appointment or continue scrolling to read our FAQs.

Engine Degreasing FAQs

Not all engine degreasing services are the same. We take pride in offering an engine degreasing service that helps you achieve the look you want while minimizing the potential for damage. For instance, many customers will experience poor performance and even check engine lights after visiting a pay-and-spray facility. Don’t risk costly repairs. Let our expert detailers get it done right. When our phone rings with customers like you on the other line, it seems like the following is on everyone’s mind:

What is engine detailing?

Engine detailing (or engine degreasing) is when heavier dirt and debris are removed from the engine compartment. The result leaves your engine bay sparkling, fresh, and nearly new.

How much does an engine detail cost?

The typical cost is between $75 and $100. The engine degreasing process takes about an hour and a half, and then the final top dressing is applied. Rear-mounted and mid-engine vehicles take longer, and depending on the engine type, you could see costs touch about $500 in some cases.

Is engine detailing necessary?

While not necessary, engine degreasing and detailing can add value to your vehicle at resale, make it easier to work on, and even help lower repair costs. When an engine is clean, it saves the shop time and you money.

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Quantrell Auto Group, your new car dealership in Kentucky, is here for life. We can help you with everything from sales, service, collision, detail, and more. Throughout the year, we’re also involved in charitable activities on a local and national level. If you’ve ever wanted to lend a helping hand to vulnerable families, schools, hospitals, and animal shelters, ask us about how you can volunteer. Come give our engine degreasing service a try. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the result. Satisfy that “engine detailing near me” itch. We’ve got you covered.


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