Denim Blue Volvo XC90

Denim Blue Volvo XC90

Much like that pair of tried-and-true jeans that you grab without hesitation, our denim blue Volvo XC90 model will be a car you rely on all the time without even thinking about her. Local drivers love how this navy exterior matches up with both light and dark interiors for a car that looks as good as she drives.

When you finally do get behind the wheel of this three-rowed model, you'll understand right away why she's one of our most popular new Volvo cars for sale. Come see all of our trim levels, and check out which exterior color and interior combination fits you. We've got a vast selection with all kinds of options for solo drivers and families alike and can't wait to match you up with a car you love driving all the time.

Denim Blue Metallic Volvo Models Available Now

Slide around town in a denim blue Volvo XC90 and get used to slack-jawed onlookers staring at your new car. She doesn't have a flashy design that features a bunch of loud lines and patterns that only a teenager could pull off, nor is she clad in one color from top to bottom. Yet cruising through the neighborhood in this full-bodied SUV model draws compliments in the pickup line and after-practice parking lot like lamps do flies. She's alluring and not just because you'll never have to leave anyone behind ever again.

Automotive industry experts praise the Volvo XC90 T8 denim blue for having an adaptable cabin geared toward making great times out of long treks. Next time a faraway destination is on the horizon, take to the road with no fear. This spacious seating setup can transform to whatever you want, and there's a ton of storage spaces woven throughout. Keep an extra stack of blankets on hand without taking up any room and easily make your cabin into the space you need to fit furniture, plants, practice gear, suitcases, and your most precious passengers in an alignment you want. Inside and out, this car is dressed to impress.

Stylish accents are all over the XC90 denim blue Inscription trim, a luxurious combination of the finest materials and several leading lines that bring together a fierce front. Chrome highlights, leather upholstery, and walnut of the finest grain keep the cabin fresh with every step. This car is a true SUV and packs plenty of premium performance within that you can tap into whenever you need it. But if you ever do need to pull up to the red carpet, the denim blue Volvo XC90 is more than ready for all the cameras.

Drive Home a Denim Blue Volvo Car Near Louisville

Never have a down day again when you drive a member of the Volvo Cars SUV lineup. The denim blue Volvo XC90 will take every drive to the next level, and there are so many models to choose from at our dealership today. Our team of super friendly and informative vehicle professionals is fantastic at what they do because they always put the needs and desires of customers first.

As soon as you let a member of our team know you're interested in a large car and possibly even a denim blue Volvo XC90, they'll spring into action and show off our entire fleet. Don't waste your time looking for an SUV somewhere else. We've got all the colors, from navy blue to Ice White to the soothing Maple Brown.

Our car dealer near Louisville is a step above the rest because we have an unparalleled commitment to substance, selection, and style. We can't wait to make the car you're creating step by step in your head come to life before your eyes.