CARFAX® One Owner Cars For Sale In Lexington, KY

At Quantrell Auto Group, we proudly offer a fantastic selection of CARFAX® one-owner cars for sale in Lexington, KY. Our CARFAX® used cars provide drivers with unparalleled peace of mind when purchasing pre-owned vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a CARFAX® One-Owner Vehicle?

Confidently buying a used car is all about knowing its history. If you can see its collision history, service records, and ownership history, you can better understand how it’s been treated over the years and how much service life it has left in it.

CARFAX® certified cars at Quantrell Auto Group offer just that. Each vehicle comes with a complete CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ that gives important insight into its past. Here is a closer look at the benefits of these models.

Fewer Previous Owners

CARFAX® used cars for sale show their ownership history. When a car only has had one owner, it’s often a good sign for its second driver. One-owner cars are more likely to be in good overall condition and have complete service records. Plus, one-owner cars usually have lower mileage than cars of the same age with multiple previous owners.

Thorough Service Records

Consistent, complete routine maintenance is crucial to keeping a car on the road. If you’re considering a used car purchase, it’s essential to look at its service history.

Fortunately, CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™ can show detailed service records through the years. It’s a convenient way to verify that a car has properly completed its routine maintenance schedule.

View Collision History

Previous collisions and other damage may not be visible at first glance, but it’s important to consider these factors when purchasing a used car.

Traffic collisions, hail damage, water damage, and other factors can affect a car’s overall performance and value. In some cases, this kind of damage may result in a salvage title.

Luckily, CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™ show any previous damage reported through insurance networks. You can check these records to ensure your vehicle of interest has a clean bill of health.

Peace of Mind

More than anything, CARFAX® one-owner used cars for sale offer peace of mind. Buying pre-owned vehicles can be tricky when considering condition, usage, and service history. A CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ removes the ambiguity around used cars and helps customers buy with confidence.

Explore One-Owner Models in Lexington, KY

Ready to find a CARFAX® dealer in Lexington, KY? Quantrell Auto Group has CARFAX® dealer locations throughout the region that feature CARFAX® certified used cars. Browse our complete inventory of CARFAX® one-owner cars for sale to get started. If you have questions, be sure to contact our team.

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