Baby, it's COLD outside! Wintertime brings the holidays. It brings people together. And it can also bring a lot of problems for your vehicle that aren't readily apparent during the Spring and Summer months. Fortunately, the Quantrell Auto group is here to help. We've put together this guide to help you understand how weather affects your vehicle and the simple things that you can do NOW so you can keep on dashing through the snow with total peace of mind.


Winter. An Overview About What Happens Under Your Hood.

As temperatures plummet, think about what happens. We tend to shiver. Our hands can chap. Flower beds have long since tucked themselves away, but given enough exposure in an ice storm or two, stems can snap and break. Things stiffen. And crack. Now imagine your engine. It's an assembly of hundreds of moving parts made of different metals with various fluids and gasses running through it. All of them at different temperatures and pressures. All of them at different rates. Things are tough enough on an engine under "normal" operating conditions. When temperatures fall to freezing or below, components shrink and become more rigid, and the warm-up process is even more crucial to your vehicle running as it should. At Quantrell Auto, we have an exclusive winter inspection service designed to pinpoint areas of trouble so you can be on the road safely during this season. Connect with us for an appointment designed for your vehicle, and feel free to review some answers to common queries we see down here regarding winter service.

How to maintain a car in the Winter?

Step one - do what you can before winter sets in. A preventative inspection and service can go a long way. We'll be able to determine a lot about what your car might need.  We'll look at swapping in a set of winter tires for maximum traction in snow and ice, monitor air pressure to make sure inflation is set to handle winter temperatures, inspect your windshield and headlight cleaning system including wipers and de-icing fluids, inspect and determine if your vehicle could benefit from a polymer undercoating to resist corrosion and salt, check your starting and charging system to make sure you don't get stranded!

Can your car overheat in the Winter?

Yes, it can. We typically think of warm-weather being the culprit for overheating, but Winter may be worse. As cooling system components expand and contract, the frigid temperatures put added stress on all metals and plastics. Leaks can appear more frequently, gaskets can fail, and rotational components can seize. All of these scenarios can contribute to overheating, and this is another situation that can be mitigated by pre-inspection.

Will car AC work in the Winter?

Yes, it will! And while it seems counter-intuitive, running your AC at times will not only help with demisting your windows, it will also help keep critical moving components well-lubricated and ready for the warmer weather. Of course, we don't recommend running your car's AC all Winter, unless, of course, you are a member of the local Polar Bear Club chapter!

Quantrell Is Your All-Weather Vehicle Resource Center

Safe winter driving is important. Keep a blanket and a flashlight in the car, so you are always prepared for an extreme situation. If you're looking for winter weather service or any type of auto repair in Kentucky for that matter, Quantrell's got you covered. We'll get your vehicle ready to go, and we can even help you order foul-weather accessory and protection packages as well as help you order snow tires. Something else you might want to consider: Why not have a dedicated Winter SUV? We have an excellent selection of hard-working AWD and 4X4 vehicles that will confidently take you over the river and through the woods all season long!

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