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When do you need car battery replacement in Lexington? Often the answer is every three to five years. Here, we’ll look at the warning signs that a new one is needed and offer advice on keeping it in good shape beyond the average car battery life.

When Should You Start Searching for “Car Battery Replacement Near Me”?

When possible, your car will often try to give you warning signs of a system failure. Battery-related issues can manifest in the following:

  • The “check engine” or “battery” lights on your dashboard turn on. Note: this could also mean there is a problem with your alternator.
  • Your headlights are dimmer than usual.
  • You’re having problems with your vehicle’s electrical systems. For instance, the power windows might not be as sensitive, or the door locks might misbehave.
  • Your car is performing at a sluggish pace in cold weather.
  • There is a rotten eggs smell, indicating a battery leak. If you check under your hood, you are likely to see a swollen or misshapen battery case.

Of course, one of the loudest indicators that something is wrong is if your engine won’t crank or it will crank but won’t start. However, by keeping an eye out for the other issues, hopefully, it won’t come to that. As soon as you notice your vehicle isn’t driving like its usual self, make an appointment for auto repair in Lexington. The battery might not be the ultimate cause of your issues, but you can trust our team to figure out what it is and to provide efficient solutions.

How to Extend Average Car Battery Life

If you do need a new car battery, you likely want to do what you can to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. To this end, you can:

  • Double-check to make sure all car lights are off when leaving your vehicle parked, so they don’t drain the battery overnight
  • Avoid keeping electronics, like the air conditioning and radio, on while your vehicle is idle
  • Give your car the exercise it needs. Short drives require battery power to start the engine but don’t give the battery time to recharge the way that long drives do. Similarly, leaving your car undriven will result in a drained battery, since it is always using a low level of power. To prevent this, take it out for a spin once a week, as it will help preserve your battery. Talk to our team about specific preventative steps to take if your vehicle will be kept in long-term storage.
  • Inspect your battery regularly. If you spot signs of corrosion, take the vehicle to us for battery service. We can clean off the terminals, top up the battery fluid as necessary, and perform a voltage test.
  • Take care of your vehicle in other ways. Oil changes and other preventative maintenance can help your car to work more efficiently overall, which puts less stress on its various components. Luckily for you, our
    service coupons can help you do this at a very cost-effective price.

Get Automotive Service From Our Experts in Lexington, KY

If you’ve been looking for “car battery replacement near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Schedule car battery replacement with our team, who is experienced with a wide variety of cars but specializes in Volvo, Subaru, and Cadillac models. We can help you order a car battery online to your model’s specifications and then install it expertly. At the same time, we can perform a wide range of other car maintenance, such as an oil change, tire rotation, or brake replacement, as needed.

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